Spira Release Notes

Product: Spira 4.9.2
Release Number:
Release Date: 2013-10-31
Revisions: Spira Maintenance Release 1
Customer Support: For more information or support, please view or email us at
Target Audience: Qualified Spira Super Users and System Administrators

What's New
Spira 4.9.2 represents a major milestone which combines previous enhancement and functionality requests while at the same time moving the product forward on a new flexible and scalable architecture.

With Spira 4.9.2, the environment is extended to provide capabilities to our customers beyond the traditional premise model currently in use.

Spira 4.9.2 is a unifying release designed to bring our customers under a single platform. Migration paths are available for versions: 4.8.16 R3, 4.8.16 R4, and 4.9 R1. If you are running an older version of Spira please contact for pre-upgrade assistance.

Features & Enhancements
Please refer to the Spira 4.9.2 Release Introduction document for details.

Bug Fixes
Over 300 bugs have been addressed in Spira 4.9.2. This list contains a few key issues reported by our users.

  • Fixed issue where multiple Spira Command or Spira Mobile instances could remain running in the background.
  • Fixed application crash issue if too many tickets were opened at the same time.
  • Fixed issue when dragging the ticket splitter crashes the application.
  • Fixed bug when copying pricelists where price book dates were incorrectly validated against other overlapping dates.
  • Added job description builder functionality to classic grid for detail and master jobs.
  • Fixed issue preventing users from creating a Master Job from the Job Grid screen.
  • Fixed Ticket Grid screen to display Invoiced status for details.
  • Added quote pricing to Toursheet Plugin.
  • Stabilized the Delta Offline store functionality.
  • Fixed the issue causing Job numbers to save as “AutoGenerated”.
  • Job view now has consistent pop-up windows.
  • Fixed hard coded PERS resource code on the Payroll Groups screen.
  • Fixed usability issues with Ticket Detail resource selector.
  • Fixed resource selector search functionality across the app.
  • Fixed refill options for Spira Mobile control numbers.
  • Fixed error message on Device Configuration screen.
  • Fixed coordinate location issues in the Address screen.
  • Fixed issue where actual amounts were not changing when actual quantity is changed.

Known Limitations

  • Due to new functionality, the Multi-job flag must to be set to FALSE for all ticket types. Enabling this flag will cause tickets to be quarantined with an “Object Reference” error. This is not enabled by default but noted here to ensure it hasn’t been turned on my mistake.
  • The new Licensing service now has a “heartbeat” for concurrent licenses. These are used by Spira Command. It is possible for Spira Command users to get a message saying there are no available licenses if many users open and close Spira Command a number of times during a 20 minute period.
  • Clicking “Retrieve” on the resource customization screen disables the “Configure” button.
  • With the addition of the new Ticket Reports group in the Reports screen, all reports linked to a ticket type must be re-grouped. Move the reports to the Ticket Reports section from the Other Reports section.
  • A performance issue occurs on the Job Types screen that is related to the number of Job Types entered.
  • Using the Tab key to change fields does not take the user to the expected field on the Resource screen.
  • The “Always Retrieve” flag functionality on the My Tickets screen is disabled.
  • In some cases, if Spira Mobile is running on a virtual machine, clicking “Get Coordinates” on the Job screen may crash the application.
  • The Ticket State Editor does not write to the Audit table.
  • Form and Plugin ticket types use the legacy audit functionality.
  • Be aware that the Master Tickets are not included in the Advanced Routing feature on the My Tickets screen.
  • Spira Mobile uninstall has an option to back-up and remove your mobile databases. This does remove your databases but does not back them up.
  • Spira Mobile uninstall leaves a few file in the Spira Mobile directory if an updater package has been run.
  • “Spira.ExpressManager.exe.config” is missing from the Spira Mobile Services installation. If needed, it has been provided as an optional download.
  • In Spira Express Manager: queueName isn't always showing the correct value. Devices may have the same jobNumber as another unit and therefore the device number isn't displaying correctly.
  • At this time, detail job creation under Master Job does not support items with stepped pricing applied.


Best Practice Reminders

Reference Materials

Spira 4.9.2 is a significant upgrade from all previous versions of Spira. Please review the Spira Installation and Upgrade guide above and contact or your Spira customer representative to get started.

Please refer to the Downloads section to download Spira.

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