Spira FT 1.3.2 Release Notes

Product: Spira FT 1.3
Release Number: 1.3.2
Release Date: 2014-01-28
Customer Support: For more information or support, please view or email us at
Target Audience: Qualified Spira Super Users and System Administrators

What's New
Spira FT 1.3.2 is an important patch release including important performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Features & Enhancements

  • Simplified app appearance to better suit iOS 7 design standards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ticket detail item order bugs.
  • Improved page navigation by reducing lag time and screen lock-ups.

Known Issues

  • In some environments where a cellular WiFi router is used, the app may appear to hang while checking for an internet connection if the cellular connection is no longer available on the router.
  • Control numbers are not automatically requested when all available numbers on a device have been used.
  • Ticket detail customizations are supported but the ability to make the fields required or read only is not currently supported in Spira Command 4.9. Spira Support can assist you with modifying the configuration manually.
  • When registering a new device, if you enter an incorrect code you have to back out of the screen and try again.
  • The Spira Corporate Web Services for Spira FT do not write values to the “r_UDF” table. This is a legacy table used by the traditional version of Spira.
  • Phases are not filtered based on job type.
  • The confirmation dialogues differ slightly between Spira FT on the iPhone and iPad. The iPad displays a single OK message where the iPhone displays OK and Cancel options.
  • It may be possible for a ticket with a picture attachment to stay in a queued state on Spira FT but still be received by Spira Corporate Web Services.


Best Practice Reminders

Reference Materials

Installation & Upgrade

Spira Corporate Web Services and Spira Corporate Database Updates
Although Spira FT is on your iOS device, the Spira Corporate Web Services and/or Spira Corporate database may need to be updated. Please refer to each section below for updates relevant to this release:

Spira Corporate Web Services
This version of Spira FT requires Spira Corporate Web Services version You can verify what version you are running by checking the file version of “Spira.Services.Base.dll” in the bin directory of your Spira Corporate Web Services installation. To update to the latest version of Spira Corporate Web Services please download the latest services and Installation Manual found in the Reference Materials and Installation & Upgrade sections above.

Spira Corporate Database

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