Spira Maintenance Release 1

Product: Spira 4.9.2
Release Number:
Release Date: 2014-02-10
Revisions: Spira Maintenance Release 2
Customer Support: For more information or support, please view or email us at
Target Audience: Qualified Spira Super Users and System Administrators

What's New
Spira Data Corp. has released this Spira 4.9.2 patch to enhance usability for some screens and repair a few bugs found in the initial Spira 4.9.2 release.

Spira 4.9.2 is a unifying release designed to bring our customers under a single platform. Migration paths are available for versions: 4.8.16 R3, 4.8.16 R4, and 4.9 R1. If you are running an older version of Spira please contact for pre-upgrade assistance.

Spira components included in this patch release:

  • Spira Client Licensing
  • Spira Command
  • Spira Mobile
  • Spira Timecard Plugin

All other Spira components have not changed with this patch release. When installing Spira, use the installers and files for the Spira 4.9.2 base release with the exception of the above patch release components, available in the Downloads section.

Features & Enhancements

Spira Client Licensing:

  • Installation and upgrade improvements.
  • Stability improvements.

Dispatch Screen:

  • Ordered the Queue Name list alphabetically.
  • Ordered the Job Type and Area lists alphabetically.

Job/Ticket View Dispatch window:

  • Added a search field for filtering the Queue Name list.
  • Ordered the Queue Name list alphabetically.
  • Added the ability to re-size the Dispatch Destination window.

Installation and Configuration Guide:

  • Updated to better explain how to configure your server for use with Spira web services. I.e. Spira Client Licensing, etc.

Bug Fixes

Spira Client Licensing:

  • Fixed issue where Spira Command doesn't release concurrent licenses on application close within a short time-frame.

Job/Ticket Location conversions:

  • Fixed issue when clicking “Get Grid Coordinates” when no credits are available from Legal Land Converter.

Ticket Detail:

  • Fixed the refresh issue on the Actual Amount field when changing the Actual Quantity on a ticket detail.

Spira Timecard Plugin:

  • Fixed issue with resource selection drop-down.

Known Limitations

  • Due to new functionality, the Multi-job flag must to be set to FALSE for all ticket types. Enabling this flag will cause tickets to be quarantined with an “Object Reference” error. This is not enabled by default but noted here to ensure it hasn’t been turned on my mistake.
  • Job States now enforce the Job State flow settings in Spira Command. When upgrading from previous versions, the Job State flow must bet set up to allow users to change Job States in Spira Command.
  • Clicking “Retrieve” on the resource customization screen disables the “Configure” button.
  • With the addition of the new Ticket Reports group in the Reports screen, all reports linked to a ticket type must be re-grouped. Move the reports to the Ticket Reports section from the Other Reports section.
  • A performance issue occurs on the Job Types screen that is related to the number of Job Types entered.
  • Using the Tab key to change fields does not take the user to the expected field on the Resource screen.
  • The “Always Retrieve” flag functionality on the My Tickets screen is disabled.
  • In some cases, if Spira Mobile is running on a virtual machine, clicking “Get Coordinates” on the Job screen may crash the application.
  • The Ticket State Editor does not write to the Audit table.
  • Form and Plugin ticket types use the legacy audit functionality.
  • Be aware that the Master Tickets are not included in the Advanced Routing feature on the My Tickets screen.
  • Spira Mobile uninstall has an option to back-up and remove your mobile databases. This does remove your databases but does not back them up.
  • Spira Mobile uninstall leaves a few file in the Spira Mobile directory if an updater package has been run.
  • “Spira.ExpressManager.exe.config” is missing from the Spira Mobile Services installation. If needed, it has been provided as an optional download.
  • In Spira Express Manager: queueName isn't always showing the correct value. Devices may have the same jobNumber as another unit and therefore the device number isn't displaying correctly.
  • At this time, detail job creation under Master Job does not support items with stepped pricing applied.


Best Practice Reminders

Reference Materials

Spira 4.9.2 is a significant upgrade from all previous versions of Spira. Please review the Spira Installation and Upgrade guide above and contact or your Spira customer representative to get started.

Please refer to the Downloads section to download Spira.

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