Spira 5.0 Release Notes

Spira 5.0 Release 

Product: Spira 5.0
Release Number: 5.0.0
Release Date: 2015-04-27
Customer Support: For more information or support, please view or email us
Target Audience: Qualified Spira Super Users and System Administrators

What's New
Spira Data Corp. has released this Spira 5.0 to enhance usability for some screens and repair a few bugs found in the previous Spira 4.9.2 releases.

Spira 5.0 is a unifying release designed to bring our customers under a single platform. Migration paths are available for versions: and If you are running an older version of Spira please contact for pre-upgrade assistance.

Spira components included in this patch release:

  • Spira Corporate
    • Spira Field Intelligence Services
    • Spira Operational Intelligence Database
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Field Intelligence
  • Web IntelligenceSpira
  • Toursheet Plugin
  • Spira Universal Services for Spira Field Intelligence (Spira FI) and Spira Web


All other Spira components have not changed with this patch release. When installing Spira, use the installers and files for the latest available Spira 5.0 release version with the exception of the above patch release components, available in the Downloads section.

Features & Enhancements

Component Screen   
New Look for Spira  
  • Updated the color of Spira, going from a grey skin to blue.
  • Command is now called Operational Intelligence (OI).
  • Mobile, laptops in the field, and Field Ticket (FT), these are Field Intelligence smart phones and tablets, fall under the same umbrella Field Intelligence (FI).
OI to FI  
  • User is now able to dispatch Jobs and Ticket from Operational Intelligence to Field Intelligence devices.
Lookup Customization  
  • Ticket details that have been configured with lookup customization (Stock number, Serial Number and Reference number) will now display on the web as a drop down list.
Stepped Pricing  
  • Web will now display a new window that will give the user a breakdown of the stepped pricing.
Ticket Details  
  • Order quantity field has been added to the Ticket details list, allowing users to select up to 9 of the same Ticket detail.
My Tickets  
  • Approve and deny buttons where added to the My Tickets screen.
Plugin Signature  
  • Second signature option in the plugin was added, allowing companies to get two different signatures.
  • Enlarged the size of the signature box to improve signature ability.
Plugin Resource  
  • Resource picker replaces the drop down list in plugin, adding better filtering capabilities.

Bug Fixes

Component Screen Details
Operational Intelligence Classic Grid
  • Gave the Classic Grid the ability to filter out Master Jobs from the search results using the created date for the Job.
  • Selected date range would retrieve end dates from the day past the selected date.
  • Both Classic and Ticket Grids were open for editing by the user, and not set as read only.
Operational Intelligence Config Tool
  • Opening Spira Configuration Tool user would get two different JANUS error messages.
Operational Intelligence Fiscal Period
  • Fiscal Period and Period drop down menus for Accounts Payable and Inventory ordered that same as invoicing screen. Removed the inactive periods from the drop down.
Operational Intelligence Invoice
  • User was not able to change the Terms inside Invoice.
Operational Intelligence Invoice Generation
  • Changed the wording in the warning message when user unlocks ticket details, replaced ok and stop with Yes and No
  • User would get invoice generation index error message after generating an invoice then cancelling it.
  • When Invoice Generation loads the dates would come in checked off for specific dates instead of unchecked.
Operational Intelligence Item
  • Setting up new items Operational Intelligence would take attachment from previous item and apply it to the new item. This would not let the user save due to that image being used by other item.
  • Code Resource did not start at the top of the selection; it would put the user near the bottom of the list.
Operational Intelligence Job Grid
  • FI Jobs would save certain values as null, when they needed a value. User would receive Error converting data type varchar to numeric message.
Operational Intelligence Job Screen
  • User would get error message if they attempted to remove an attachment when one did not exist.
Operational Intelligence Job State
  • Applied Job states, inside Job Types, were showing multiples of the listed Job States.
Operational Intelligence Job Type
  • Adding event for a Job Type and given Object Reference error.
Operational Intelligence Location
  • Address would go blank and move the user off the street address tab if the State did not have County.
  • Job Location was not being populated with the default Province.
  • Location field label customization were not loading until Job was saved.
  • Operational Intelligence would take out the default Province from FI tickets and populate it with the first Province set up in Operational Intelligence.
Operational Intelligence Login
  • User would get “Janus.Windows.EditControls.UIComboBoxItem” error when remember me box was checked off.
Operational Intelligence OLS
  • If Operational Intelligence had default starting point setup the Field Intelligence would give user an error and would not load the OLS.
  • JANUS error given when scheduling a baseline.
Operational Intelligence Payroll Items
  • Payroll rule that was given an end date would still be available in Payroll Groups.
Operational Intelligence Permissions
  • Permissions set to not have access to post a Ticket were not being honored.

Operational Intelligence

  • Plugin would not load, user given error message inside Operational Intelligence.
  • Opening Tour Sheet user would get JANUS error messages.
Operational Intelligence Resource Selection
  • Could not filter resources by area in 'Resource Search' window in ticket view.
Operational Intelligence Routing
  • Users would get Object not set to instance of an object error on the My Tickets screen when they used change current routing.
  • Moving routing points from available source points to Available destination points would give user error.
Operational Intelligence Setup Address
  • Province in the top search area was not sorting alphabetically.
  • Using Search check box (Must have city, Must have address line 1 etc) not filtering the results when retrieved in the main grid.
Operational Intelligence Tax Rule
  • Province in the top search area was not sorting alphabetically.
Operational Intelligence Ticket Detail
  • Ticket header would truncate the header total causing the amount to be off a few cents. Ticket header totals are now rounded.
  • Stepped pricing when using decimals would not calculate correctly.
Operational Intelligence Ticket EnRoute
  • After retrieving values from a selected date range then modifying the date range, when the user selects Expected the grid would change as if they selected the retrieve button.
Operational Intelligence UDF
  • UDF that is configured with resource drop down was not displaying the filtered values. Also the ability to clear or search values was not working as expected.
  • UDF decimal was not being displayed correctly in Operational Intelligence.
  • Changed the ordering of the invoice numbers so they sort correctly after they are generated and saved.
  • Changed the character length of id.invoiceterm from 52 to 55 characters to match the invoice term description.
  • Field length inconsistency caused an error message when generating a payroll batch. Updated patch so fields in t_AdjustedEntryDetail and t_PayrollScratch are all of length 255, as is t_TicketDetail
Field Intelligence Control Numbers
  • Field Intelligence would receive extra Job control numbers based on auto top up.
Field Intelligence Ticket View
  • After saving a new ticket in Field Intelligence, user would be moved back to the Classic Grid, it did not keep the user on the ticket view as expected.
Field Intelligence User Accounts
  • Operational Intelligence now updates the "change password at next login" so that the Field Intelligence user does not keep having to change their password.
Plugin Item
  • Item with stepped pricing would not save without error.
Web Activities
  • Activities calendar showed the seconds at the bottom of the date and time picker. This has been modified to display the same as the UDF date and time picker, which does not show the seconds.
Web Customization
  • Inactive users are now filtered from the customization list on the web.
Web Invoice Generation
  • Changed the wording in the warning message, replacing unsure with ensure when user unlocked the ticket details.
  • After generating an invoice user would get error message trying to save the invoice.
  • Invoice Generation giving user a contracts error, user is not able to open.
Web Job
  • Job state is now populated with the default state, which mirrors Operational Intelligence.
  • Older Jobs missing new required field (user has made a field required and there are no values in that field), and the user does not populate that field prior to dispatching, the Job it will go to the queue successfully.  However the device will not receive the Job until the required value is populated and the Job
  • Tabbing inside Jobs is more fluid as user tabs through Job start and end dates.
  • User would receive server side error when trying to save an invalid value in the resource picker.
  • The list of tickets inside Job View we not sortable, user just had static list.
Web My Tickets
  • Web was displaying different results then Operational Intelligence.
Web Permissions
  • Permission set so user cannot edit job but still be allowed to create and edit Tickets.
Web Search Screen
  • User getting mixed results when selecting different page size or if user types in a page number in pagination fields.
Web Ticket
  • Crystal run-time error when using Spira Web reporting function from ticket is replaced with a more useful message.
  • Removed the rate total from the ticket details totals.
  • Removed the prompt in ticket details when user selects items.
  • Tabbing in ticket details now moved the user across each of the fields; it will skip over the un-editable fields. When user tabs into the resource field, the resource is highlighted and user can type in search requirements and the results will populate in the resource picker.
  • When user opened ticket and only changed the route, the page would not save.
  • When routing tickets, inside ticket view, routed by would not display the user that routed the ticket.
  • Ticket UDF currency value would disappear after whole number was entered and user goes back to add a decimal.
  • Ticket UDF's that were set to read only were still allowing users to modify them.
  • User would receive error when trying to save a long date in UDF's.
  • Job UDF numeric with minimum and maximum was not being handled in Web.

Known Limitations

  Operational Intelligence   
  • After changing the Priority field from Required to Visible the field stays Bold until the Job is saved, and then turns to normal font.
     Job Grid
  • Job grid does not honor data roles
     Master Job
  • Detail job creation under Master Job does not support items with stepped pricing applied.
     My Tickets
  • The “Always Retrieve” flag functionality on the My Tickets screen is disabled.  Currently if you check off the "Always Retrieve" flag, it should stay on every time you enter the My Ticket screen.
  • Depreciate all previous OLS when generating a new Baseline also depreciates the last PDF store. 
     Pricing Explorer
  • Copying the price list does not copy over items with a flat rate.
  • The direction arrows that allow the user to move location types up or down, align the order, does not work correctly.
  • User defined setup grid does not sort by group correctly.
  • PDF ticket type "load Spira values into form" doesn't load values so user can see them but it does save them behind the scenes.
  • Form and Plugin ticket types use the legacy audit functionality.
  • Operational Intelligence will not let the user change the ticket state if a Job from FI comes in with no values in a land specific location type, where is description required flag is set to true.
  • Ticket created using "Quick Tickets" do not honor Job events to change Job States.
  • Applying an amount to selected items does not change the total amount to reflect the Applied Quoted Total; it will only apply the change the total.
     Ticket State Editor
  • Ticket State Editor does not write to the Audit table.
  • UDF drop down resource gives user an error if they hit enter without a value.
  • Item UDF with resource picker will take values that were assigned to the previous item and keep them for the new item. The values are not cleared as the user creates a new item.

  Field Intelligence  

     Control Numbers
  • User has to request Job and Ticket numbers first, and then the auto top-up batches come in along with the numbers they requested.


  • Field Intelligence display issues on Windows 8 with 125% default display setting - Fields/labels, etc
  • Offline store load is now obvious to the end user on Field Intelligence but, when it is done, the message they have to click OK on is behind the Spira Logo
  • Stepped pricing in side plugins does not work correctly when decimals are used.
  • r_PDF values stored in Spira Field Intelligence by a Form Ticket Type are not sent along with the Form to Spira Operational Intelligence. These reporting values can be re-generated by saving the Form ticket in Spira Operational Intelligence.


Best Practice Reminders

Reference Materials

Spira 5.0 is a significant upgrade from all previous versions of Spira. Please review the Spira Installation and Upgrade guide above and contact or your Spira customer representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Please refer to the Downloads section to download Spira.

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