Spira FI iOS Release - Version 2.0.17

What's New
Spira Data Corp. has released this update to the iOS version of Spira FI on 8/29/2018 to implement new functionality around both the Job and Ticket entry screens, as well as address some outstanding bugs.


Features & Enhancements

Camera Access device photo library to attach previously taken photos
Job Request Multiple jobs can now be requested at the same time
Job Request Selection of Jobs are now in descending order
Notes Notes are now entered in a multi-line display
Location Legal Land functionality (LSD, NTS, DLS) now available


Bug Fixes

Function Details
Camera Scrolling enabled with extensive amount of attachments
Job Request Added "No results found" message when 0 results returned
Job Request Fixed scrolling issue with multiple returned results
Job Location

Improved responsiveness of “Get GPS” functionality

Ticket Header / Detail

Added field length limiters Description fields

Ticket Detail Default resource is now populated when the Ticket Detail is added
Various General UI Standardization / Cleanup


Known Limitations

There are no known limitation changes from prior release.

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